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You ever notice the strange thing with Hurley and Charlie.....

Season 1....Charlie could not swim.Weather it was a lie,cause he was too high to handle it or he just was a bad swimmer(I'm going with bad swimmer).And by watching Desmond's flashes...We know Charlie is a crappy swimmer cause he died trying to save Claire.

..and clearly the WATER ELEMENT is Charlie's enemy and has always been connected to Charlie all through out his life.

-Charlie was the first to notice and point out all the rain.
-He encountered the Smoke monster for the 1st time in the rain.
-He was hanged in the rain by Ethan.
-He died numerous times in Des's flashes in the rain/water.
-It rained in his guitar street playing.
-He fought a mugger in the rain and saved Nadia.
(You see what I'm pointing out).

......Oh,yeah!...and his father taught him how to SWIM in the local pool....and He claimed to Jack he was a Swim Champ to go on his A-Team mission with Desmond.

So the last two points pretty much cancels out the other points I have made...but we have seen all of these events happen with our own eyes....what's going on here?What should we believe?the recovering heroin addict or our own eyes?...I don't know what to think yet?...but I'm def think we are watching two island time lines of Losties but we just don't realize it,cause the majority of things are intertwining smoothly.....which leads me to ....

HURLEY. Same thing going on here....

He and Bernard were on the beach after their victory over the Others and Hurley cannonballs it into the Ocean and swims around.

-Swims fine in Ocean when getting on the raft with O6.
-He even volunteers to go with Charlie and Desmond.

......But when he returns to the Island and is in the Waterfall lagoon....HE CAN'T SWIM! He's struggling and Jack has to dive in and help him get to shore.


..I mean..Charlie can't swim....then he can? Hurley can swim...then he can't?

Is Hurley a proxy for Charlie,when returning to the Island?...I mean...He did have a guitar case like Charlie's.Who knows on that one.

My Final thoughts on this.....


"Am I Alive"?


Charlie has been alive this whole time.

Him(Charlie),popping in and out Visiting Hurley? I can explain this....

It could have gone down ONE of TWO ways:

1)Charlie dies in the looking glass...but unseen to us,Richard or one of his Lackey's recover Charlie's body.Why? let's just get stupid and say Richard feels that Charlie should have not died and took him to the Temple and healed him.Doing this(and this is a guess),Charlie's mind get's the 24 hour mind wipe(this would explain Sun finding his DS ring in 2007-why?Charlie forgot he gave it to Aaron and just wrote it off as he LOST it).That's right....Charlie becomes an Other,and he has been since 2005.And he is at the Temple with the other-Other group,prob messing with time sending back/forth warnings and instructions in time(Like Harper did with Juliet in the jungle).This would explain Charlie popping in and out with Hurley...He is doing the "Other Trick".And I also think Sun will meet Charlie in 2007 at the Temple and give Charlie his DS ring as a gesture of forgiveness towards Charlie from Sun.He is trying to help fix things,by recruiting Hurley back to the Island via lunch ! visits(also note that Charlie,and this is Claimed by Hurley...Only visits him outside at the table and not in his room like Eko)-this makes me think that Charlie is ALIVE.

2)Charlie passes out for that fateful second and actually wakes up and decides he wants to live(maybe he was not thinking his last thoughts,maybe he was saying ..."Hey! I turned the switch off,and I can actually swim outta here!"...and he does)-swims up,does not see anyone-goes to shore-gets lost(they use to show that Charlie had bad direction all the time and even other characters would also point this out)-Flashes along with everyone else...and maybe flashes to DHARMA times before and joined them-took the test and got stationed at the looking glass to make sure he programmed that key pad.He might even eventually come clean and actually tell Horace later on in the 80's he might actually,even defect to the Others- before the Purge happens.

...And If he was really dead....would his hair be cut?they made it a point to show in all of his history that he pretty much had the Beatles style bushy hair his whole adult life.


His whole purpose for season 6 and being on that Island...lies in that guitar case.Is it Charlie's guitar?Jacob's Ashes(It did come from 2008)?the Pocket watch? very Pulp Fiction.I also think(and many posters have said this before),that Johnny and Starla are figments of Hurley's mind,due to guilt over the two people that died in the deck accident(another incident!)that he thought he caused(Johnny and Starla were prob the two people).And the reason they ran off together was simple.Hurley got better and poof! their outta his mind...hence "They ran off,together".

...Well that's it till next theory....

....Here's some more stuff to chew on also....

Hurley in season 2 while talking to Jack in the jungle says "A Meteor hit this Chicken joint I worked at"....????...Would not the correct phrase be "..Chicken joint I owned"? ...I mean,Hurley made no secret about his money...it's just Walt was the only one to believe him.

...And why was Desmond training in L.A. of all places? He could of trained anywhere in the world...Why L.A.? Is there some connection Desmond has to L.A.?

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