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Smokey by Kastrato

In the may 21 2008 official Lost Podcast Lindelof and Cuse comfirmed that Yemi and some versions of Walt was manifestations of the Monster.MANIFESTATIONS.

This doesnt mean that Smokey IS every one of these manifestations.
Smokey is something or someone who can create these events.

- He can bring people to places and he can kill.Recall Mr Eko's death.Some will say "It wasnt really necesery to bring a version of Yiemi if he wanted just to kill Mr Eko".
Think of it differently though.
Lost on its sixth and final season will possibly represent a kind of multi-universe method.
All the manifestation versions Smokey used before ,can exist because of the multi-universe or the loops .
How did Locke's father found the island - I strongly believe Smokey took him from Locke's universe .
How a strainge version of Yemi is on the island and talk to Mr Eko - Smokey took him from somewhere else.
This version of Yiemi is not Mr Eko's brother ,the one we watched at Mr Eko's flashbacks.Smokey uses this version of Yiemi to find out which version is Mr Eko.He is not a match and then Smokey kills him.
Taller Walt ,Wet Walt who warns Shanon to be quite seconds before she is killed, are Smokey's HELP attempts.
Season's 5 Walt somehow gave us a clue.He revealed he had dreams of Jonh Locke.MAybe this is also what Smokey does ,this is also what Smokey Uses.

Smokey isnt what he can create.Personaly if Smokey is a man's soul or something , i believe this man must be Jack.
I recall his first aproche to season's one Jack.He saw him a vision of his father ,Christian, and then he leaded him to follow a path to a cliff .
Dont believe he wanted him dead though.It was a test . He let the fear go in to season's one Jack ,he tried to open him.And then he saw him the emtty coffin.
No Christian there,he was gone as he could be alive .AS his father Can be alive if he do is work.Smokey wanted to turn season's one JAck to a beleiver.
Season's one Locke already believes in Jack (i think since his first Smokey contact).ITs also a clue that JAck and Smokey can be one and the same.
Now the question i believe is :Whats the connection between Jack and MIB.
Has MIB through Smokey JAck's mind ? Is he Jack ?
We just have to wait and see i think.

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