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Season 1 thoughts by System 1988

Ok so I was re-watching episode 11 of the first season where Ethan kidnaps Claire and Charlie and I found out a lot of clues backing up the whole “Remember All” theory that has been going round for the past few months. After all the show does seem to be on a loop so some characters like Jack, Kate, Sayid, Sawyer, Locke, Sun, Jin must have some fade memories of previous loops.

So here we go

The biggest clue in the episode in question came about 30 minutes in where Jack falls from a cliff side on the ground. Now, we all know from season 3 when Desmond flashed into his past that all it took was a pretty bad hit on the head (from that guy’s bat, intended to be used on the barman) for his consciousness to return to present time. I think that is exactly what happens to Jack when he falls. He hits his head from falling and suddenly, out of nowhere, Ethan is on top of him and starts giving Jack the beating of his life. Kate is mysteriously vanished, even though she was only a few meters above the fight scene and should have heard the enraged fighting sounds, but she does not make an appearance. She does not rush to Jack’s aid.

That’s because she is not there. Alternate reality people! Jack falls down, hits his head and flashes to another reality where he tries to catch Ethan on his won, no Kate, maybe he did things differently and pissed her off somehow so she decides to let Jack be and track down Ethan on his own. After all in the episode in question many are the times when Kate is pissed off with Jack’s behavior.

So Jack is on an alternate reality. He gets his ass kicked by Ethan who says that “if you (singular) do not stop following me I will kill one of them”. He says that to Jack, alone. Because it’s just Jack following him. Then Ethan takes a final blow at Jack kicking him on the head. There you go, another head injury, enough to reset our favorite doc back to his original reality, where he is with Kate, having just fallen from a cliff side.

After Jack regains consciousness he says that he will not let Ethan do this AGAIN. Meaning that in alternate reality he just stayed there, badly beaten, lying down until he regains consciousness who knows how long after Charlie is hung. When Jack arrives at the scene Charlie is dead already, non- revivable. That’s why the whole NOT AGAIN thing. Jack has done this a lot of times and he always failed to save Charlie, even though he is destined to die according to Desmond.

In Kate- present reality, Kate rushes to Jack’s aid like a normal person would do and helps Jack regain consciousness in time. Jack is now revived earlier than expected nad has enough time to save Charlie.

So what does this all mess mean after all? Well if I have to guess I would say that “Whatever Happened, Can Change”. Charlie survived long enough to kill Ethan, thus Ben needs Jack to perform surgery instead. Ben lives another day to turn the FDW. Charlie lives also to contact the freighter. There you have it. Seasons 3,4, and 5 take place just because one individual lives more than expected. I am talking about Charlie of course.

Think of it. Charlie’s death was nothing unexpected even from season 1 we had clues to it. In season 1 Charlie says to Claire that he has a dream of his teeth falling off. Falling teeth in dreams is a sigh of death to come.

Charlie barely survives the crash. He had things like moving trolleys coming on to him while the plane was crashing. In the same season he is almost hanged to death by Ethan. Before that he almost got himself into a suicide mission inside the cave-in where Jack is trapped. He even caused that with his famous “You don’t know me! I am a bloody rock god!” After that, in season 2, the electromagnetism of the Hatch implosion starts sending towards him dozens of metal items that could easily kill him. In season 3 the games is over. The island wants Charlie dead. Or at least MIB did. On the other hand, Jacob wins in this fight. It is Charlie’s decision to die in the Looking Glass, free will wins.

So, to me the thing is this: The time the show plot is played out, it’s one of the many loops that have happened. This time Jack manages to rescue Charlie and Charlie himself manages to survive long enough to contact Penny. Jack wants to get off the island so he must know what Charlie’s purpose is.

Desmond on the other hand is the only one who can end it all because he has enough info and the ability to retain a single consciousness between alternate realities. But I have gone through this on previous theories of mine. Anyway that’s it, some thoughts on the 1st season…

Thanks for reading me!

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