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Sayid and Horace by 7418880

In Season 4, Cabin Fever, Locke has a vision of Horace Goodspeed building a cabin, which was implied to be Jacob's cabin. Horace tells Locke to find his body, on which are the plans for the cabin. Locke complies, finding the rotting corpse with Horace's Dharma jumpsuit, and pulls out the plans for the cabin from its pocket. Here's where it gets crazy. In The Incident, Jack, Sayid, Richard, and Eloise are carrying Jughead's core through the Island catacombs. Richard smashes a hole in the wall, leading into one of the Barracks. Richard hits Eloise over the head, and only Jack and Sayid continue the journey. It turns out, the house they are in is Horace's. In order to escape, Sayid must don a Dharma jumpsuit (Jack already has one). Sayid puts on Horace's!!! What if Horace's corpse in the grave is really Sayid? Could Sayid have built the Cabin? So many questions

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