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R.E.P.L.I.C.A.S by dharma janitor

Ok what if the "others" have the ability to make replicas of themselves?.

When i thought about it theres some evidence to think so.

1-Mikhail, i mean that guy got seemingly "killed" off alot of the time only to pop back up and kick more ass. What if they just IMPLANTED his memories into a replica. And the "replica" was the one coming back.

2-When Ben got shot - easy fix, create a replica of the boy, IMPLANT his memories into a replica. Bens "alive". Maybe his loss of innocence was the fact that these people have defects once replicated.

3-Why Richard Alpert may seem AGELESS. Richard Alpert may be a REPLICA simply only giving the illusion that he is ageless, when really he keeps getting Replicated when he needs to.

This leads me to another theory......


What im saying is that the OTHERS are the OTHERS because they are copies or clones or replicas or whatever. That what makes them the OTHERS.

And what if for some reason thats why they need to replicate. Because for some reason they couldnt reproduce.

Ok an error with the theory: Your saying "Oh but the Dharma initiative had a baby (ethan) on the island". Yes, exactly the D.I arnt the Others. The D.I are people, whereas the OTHERS are REPLICAS.

So maybe when Ben said "women cant have babies on the island" maybe he was mistaken and its only the OTHERS themselves that cant have babies. Giving the illusion that the island was inhibiting them.





- get another one.

Implant your memories in that body. wallah.

So im guessing Something happened to the M.I.B's body for him to need Lockes body.

OK so you say IMPLANT MEMORIES? Now how could you do that?

Well im glad you asked, what if the Temple is what performs the Physical creation, but what about the mind? How could you IMPLANT thoughts and memories? Well what if there was a MIND SCANING, MEMORY READING SMOKE MONSTER LURKING AROUND? who infact happens to live in the temple. Maybe thats its purpose, it selects people to join the others. It scans them, takes them to the Temple, and replicates them using that persons memories.

3-smoke monster

1-Im thinking you can only replicate one person at a time. Meaning you cant have "doubles" running around.

2-Perhaps the person can only be Replicated if they are DEAD

Im guessing being cloned or remade by the smoke monster has its price. I mean it has to. There got to be some kind of "defect" or maybe you get an "Ability" that happens once your an "Other". I mean it wouldnt makes sense story wise to be able clone willy-nilly with no consequence. Im guessing theres some kind of catch for replicating or being a replica.

Im guessing the deal with the OTHERS (in terms of what it costs to be one) has something to do with "Free will" as in once your a clone and your an Other, you have no free will and must serve the island.I get the feeling theres a certain criteria the Others prefer, like people who are "weak" mentally or will be easy to control. Maybe thats what the others "list" was. People with weak personalities or mentally weak we can make Others easily with no problems.That ofcourse and children (no babies). Thats why Jack and Co WERENT on the list. They were wildcards that they couldnt count on changing into OTHERS easily. Maybe Variables ey? Maybe the list is like, people who we can easily put on M.I.B's side, and the people off the list, have to make the choice of what side they want for themselves. With M.I.B and Jacob subtly trying to convince them throughout the show, to choose a side.

Anyway wrapping up

-OTHERS at the temple with a dead body can recreate the body intact with memories (scanned by the smoke monster).

-These people are defected (cant have babies)

-These people may have extra abilities (maybe "time" related? i mean i dont think any Others were "jumping" through time)

-These people may be "sharing" their new bodies (collective consiousness ,perhaps) Maybe M.I.B is sharing with LOCKE, meaning LOCKE isnt "fully" dead.

-Its not hard to think JACOB has the same ability. Maybe thats how 70's Jack and Co come back to the PRESENT. Jacob touching them enabled him to RECREATE them. But unlike M.I.B, Jacobs REPLICAS have FREE WILL.

Thats all im i got :). I might re-do this when im less drunk.

-Dharma Janitor

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