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The Premiere of Season 6 by Corey M

In the season premiere of LOST, season six, i believe the survivors will wake up in 2004. But it will be days before 815 takes off. The survivors who were touched by Jacob have full memory of what happened, and those who weren't have no memory at all. The survivors must make a choice: Whether to board Oceanic 815 knowing full well that it would crash, or to go on living their normal lives.

This will set up two story lines, or even maybe time lines. One for the people who chose to go again to the island, and one for those who didn't.

Quite possibly almost all, if not all of those who had memory of what happened, will choose to stay in LA, and not board the plane. But those on the island will be in peril. Without Jack there to save all those people, pulling them out of burning wreckage, the survivors' experiences will be totally different and more troubling than what we saw in season 1.

Those who chose not to go to the island, especially Jack, will have realizations that they were always supposed to be on the island, and their not going will quite possibly destroy everything.

But i have a few theories as to what may happen next.
1. The "touched" will have to wait three years until Ajira Flight 316 takes off, to go back and will go back to the island only to find that it is very different and in danger.
2. The "touched" will receive Charlie & Claire's message from the bird and realize that they must go back, and then will go to Eloise and find one last way back.

I could be way, way off and i probably am, because the producers will most likely do something much more clever and confusing. But thanks for reading.

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