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The Overarching Jacob vs. Esau Theory by JoshDM

This theory will not address the upcoming final season, nor does it deal with unanswered questions beyond the origins of Jacob and Esau, their goals, and their actions.

The big mystery is still the Jacob / "Esau" origin concept.

Here is my personal theory behind LOST; it's about 85% complete.

Jacob, "Esau", and the entire land comprising the island were originally from the distant future, but were all sent back to the distant past due to a time travel experiment gone devastatingly wrong. This explains why the island has several features that do not belong; it has both (a) been around for centuries with various people visiting, and (b) existed somewhere else on earth.

This means that the landmass which comprises the island currently exists somewhere else on Earth, possibly landlocked, as it has yet to be sent back in time.

Jacob is 100% human and "Esau" (the black smoke / the man in black / Jacob's nemesis / Evil Locke) is a nanobot colony AI.

Like most robots, "Esau" has a set of logic rules comprising it's programming. These rules include (in no specific order)
(A) protecting Jacob
(B) maintaining the timestream by making sure the future which sent it back in time is the future that will come to pass; otherwise there will be a massive timeline-destructive paradox event, which will wipe out the universe.
(C) cannot self-terminate

"Esau" has several abilities which includes
1) turning into the black smoke
2) becoming or projecting various images
3) restoring human bodily function
4) bequeathing nanobots to a target human
5) a memory database containing the entire recorded knowledge of human history up till the point of the event which sent it back in time.
6) the same database can access languages and other knowledge.

By bequeathing nanobots to a human, the human in turn can bequeath a portion of these to another target human; this is a conscious action - the human must know he can do this in order to do it. To protect Jacob, Esau gave him nanobots to maintain him; this is why Jacob does not age. Jacob in turn, gave some nanobots to Richard (without explaining the concept to a stranded Egyptian), which explains his ageless-ness. This is also why Jacob knows how to create textiles and fish and survive and speak languages.

I'll go further into this, but I need to address something I noticed, which is why I went the nanobot AI time traveller route.

When Jacob visited each person in the last episode of season 5:

- Hurley was released from prison, creating a O6 out of jail huge news story.
- Sayid was at the death of Nadia; they both might have died in the assassination attempt, creating news.
- Kate was about to get arrested and given a public police record.
- Sawyer was at his parent's funeral, which is usually announced in the newspaper.
- Locke had fallen several stories, and would have died, which would be in the newspaper.
- Sun and Jin were at their, likely newsworthy (Paik Industries daughter marriage today!), wedding.
- Jack was at a hospital where he worked.

All were publicly-recorded events.

Jack's doesn't stand out as newsworthy, but maybe his patient was supposed to die or something? Possibly there might have been a notable lawsuit involved, or something; I'm not sure. If you knew Jack was working at a hospital, chances are it's pretty easy to locate him there on any given day.

Anyway, if you had knowledge of all public records in recorded history, those could be easily used to locate all of the above people off-island to gift them with Jacob-owned nanobots.

This also explains why Jacob touched each person; he gave them some nanobots (especially in the case of Locke). Why?
(1) to restore life to them
(2) to make them untouchable by "Esau" by making them "smell" like Jacob.

I cannot yet explain how Jacob gets off the island, but since in my theory the island is also from the future, it probably contains the original time travel laboratory from the far future, as well as a futuristic method of transportation, likely linked to the Frozen Donkey Wheel.

Jacob is trying to change the timeline.
He doesn't really want to be here, but he wants to do something to alter his own fate.

Esau is trying to maintain the timeline.
He wants the future that sent him back to the past to exist so there is no paradox.
He hates Jacob for trying to change things, which constantly make things harder to work through.
Esau wants to kill Jacob to stop him from manipulating the timestream, but cannot due to the logic rules inherient within him.

Jacob, having some of Esau's nanobots, also knows these rules.

Esau kills various people he comes across, as they are supposed to be dead and/or are changing the timeline.
When Locke and The Black Smoke encounter each other, the smoke doesn't kill Locke, either because
1) he smells like Jacob's nanobots (much like when Smokey didn't kill Kate and Juliet(?) in the tree).
2) he is already supposed to be dead, according to the news reports, so Esau can tell he is a paradox.
This is why Esau picks Locke to manipulate. He sees that Locke doesn't belong in the timeline thinks Jacob trusts Locke.

Esau also knows that Sun, Jin, Kate, Jack and Sawyer all have nanobots on them and smell like Jacob.

What he doesn't know is that now Hurley and Sayid have nanobots, as they were touched when they were part of the Oceanic 6.

Now, as stated, Esau picked Locke as his disguise because Locke is a living paradox due to Jacob's involvement. Therefore the concept behind Locke being a paradox helps break some of the logic rules which bind Esau from allowing Jacob's death. By masquerading as Locke, he can finally manipulate the world to where Jacob gets killed and the AI is absolved.

How this all figures in with Juliet and the alternate timeline, I'm not certain, but obviously Jacob is trying to stop the future that sent him back in time from coming true. I'm sure someone else can work out the last 15% of my theory.

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