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Jacob has pushed Jack before by Can't Wait

Short and Sweet.

Hopefully no one has posted this, but I was just watching Tale of Two Cities and it seems Jack has been manipulated before. First off, earlier Jack thought he did not save Sarah and went stadium running with Desmond. Jack comes back to the hospital to break the news to Sarah that she can't walk, yet she is healed. Sounds like Jacob to me.

So during the season 3 opener, there is a scene where Sarah asks Jack where his lawyer is. If you watch the scene, as she leaves Jack crying she seems to smile (which doesn't fit the scene) and in the distance as she leaves the screen, it sounds like the clicking of the smoke monster. Check it out (maybe I am nuts).

We also see Christian getting phone calls from Sarah, but we NEVER know if that is her really calling. Jack follows him to a hotel thinking he is meeting Sarah but is at his sobriety meeting. This meeting ultimately caused Christian to drink again.

My theory is Jacob can also be a smoke monster and that is what Locke saw (beautiful). He was Sarah in that initial scene with Jack as she would not say her boyfriends name, thus planting the seed of doubt in Jack's head about his Father. This caused Christian to drink again, go to Australia, die, and Jack ended up on the island.

Please give me your input because this was just something I noticed today. Or maybe this was all the MIB because Jack was not on Jacob's original list? Thanks, big day tuesday!

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