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Everyones wondering whether Jughead detonated or not, and whether it will really change things.

I think we may have missed something.

I think that change was set in motion before that. Remember the scene where Faraday talks to young charlotte on the swings? i felt that was a pretty pivotal scene, and more so than most might think.

Faraday is not dumb enough to say the same thing Charlotte said he said, (time travel grammar) the whole 'come back and die' bit. He's not even going to reword it just a bit. He had specific knowledge of an event in the past that he was involved in.

It was the fact that we didn't hear the dialogue between them that made me start thinking. It would have been a perfect lost 'moment' if he had said the same thing, and they wouldn't have needed to cut out like that.

I think whatever Faraday said to young Charlotte is what, if anything, will cause the ALT nonsense. Its the only way I can explain it and be even slightly excited at the premise :(

And I refuse to give up on the idea of filming scenes we will never even see as a decoy so that spoilers would be less effective. Only half of what you believe is true :p

Bit off the wall i know. But so is Lost, right?

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