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Good vs. Evil, and Jacob the Deceiver by BrandonH

Good vs. Evil, and Jacob the Deceiver

My LOST theory mainly uses evidence from Seasons 1 and 5 as its support. It is lengthy so I apologize in advance.

My theory is that lost is an allegory for the comprehensive story-line of the Bible. In the Pilot episode, there is a scene with Locke and Walt on the beach. Locke is supposedly playing backgammon (alone). Locke then explains to Walt about the game of backgammon. There is a scene in which Locke is looking directly at the camera, supposedly in Walt’s direction, wherein he explains that backgammon is a game between two sides, light and dark, in opposition to each other. This scene has the feel as though Locke may be explaining a major ingredient of the whole show to all of its viewers. Everyone I’ve talked to who has gone back and re-watched the Pilot has noticed this.

In Season 5, we see Jacob on the beach with another man who has been commonly referred to as MIB by those who watch the show. It is evident that there is a conflict between these two men as the scene unfolds. There is a boat on the horizon that is headed toward the island, and MIB appears to be angered by this. Jacob, however, seems to be enjoying the moment and states that it is merely progress. The scene ends with the understanding that MIB wants to kill Jacob, but either does not have the ability to do so, or is unable to do so for reasons we do not yet know.

I believe that MIB has been on the island throughout the entire show and has taken different forms. He has appeared as a smoke monster (Smokey), as Ben’s dead daughter (in S5), and perhaps has manifested himself as other folks as well. I also believe that it is MIB that is in Locke’s body at the end of S5 when Ben stabs Jacob and throws him into the fire. It is my belief that MIB is Smokey, is Locke. They are three different manifestations of the same entity. Obviously, you can see where I’m going with this. This is synonymous with the Christian idea of the Trinity, which, while not explicitly spoken of in the Bible, is clearly implied throughout, much as in LOST.

We have clearly seen MIB manifesting as the smoke monster, and on many occasions exacting justice and showing mercy in a seemingly random fashion to various folks on the island. Encounters with Smokey have shown glimpses of people’s thoughts and past experiences as though they are being judged. It is seemingly implied late in S5, when Ben goes into the temple to be judged by Smokey, that Smokey takes that opportunity to manifest himself as Ben’s dead daughter, Alex. Smokey, in the form of Alex, then directs Ben to obey Locke, who at this point is the MIB in Locke’s body (commonly referred to as “Flocke”), no matter what he says to do. As we know, Smokey judges Ben, and apparently forgives him and lets him live. This is a very convenient coincidence if Smokey and Flocke are different entities, but it is a brilliantly orchestrated plan if they are different manifestations of the same entity, as I believe. Obviously, this gives Flocke/Smokey/MIB the means by whi! ch to destroy Jacob if Ben obeys every command given by Flocke. We all know how S5 ends from there.

Regarding Jacob, he appears to have been the one responsible, somehow, for the coming of the boat to the island in the scene on the beach in S5. At the very least, he does not deny responsibility for it coming to the island. It is clear also that Jacob has been manipulating many people on the island all throughout the island’s history. Furthermore, people on the island have been manipulated in Jacob’s name by Richard, Ben, and everyone else who lead the “Others” for any period of time. It was supposedly Jacob who ordered the mass killing of the entire Dharma Initiative. In the finale of S5 it was Jacob who said to Ben, “and what about you”, as though Ben were unimportant and worthless in Jacob’s eyes.

I believe that Jacob, even though he is supposed by many to be the force of good on the island, is actually the force of evil. I also believe that MIB/Smokey/Flocke is the source of good on the island despite the fact that many believe he is evil. It is just the type of switcheroo we’ve seen from the writers throughout the show. It would be the ultimate switcheroo portray the force of good on the island with the color black, which is commonly associated with evil, and the source of evil on the island portrayed with white, which is commonly associated with goodness and purity by most people.

Relating this to the Bible, I believe that the scene with Jacob and MIB on the beach is the first time that outside influences, other people, were brought to the island via the Black Rock. This would be somewhat analogous to Satan taking the form of a servant an introducing sin (evil) into the Garden of Eden. Ever since that time there has been a struggle between righteousness and sin, good and evil. It is my opinion that MIB has taken bodily form on the island in John Locke’s body. In a sense you could say that MIB has resurrected in the form of John Locke. This would make the new Locke, Flocke, a sort of Christ figure who is MIB in the flesh to cast the sin and evil off the island and restore it to its original purity and form. The analogy can be taken further if you also consider the fact that in the finale of S5 Jacob was killed by Ben at the command of Flocke/MIB. The symbolism here is obvious. The Bible states in the book of Revelation that when Jesus returns! he will cast Satan into the lake of fire. Does this sound familiar? At the end of S5, Jacob was killed and subsequently cast into the fire in his dwelling. The final kicker for me is that the name Jacob is a Hebrew name that means “deceiver”. Perhaps this is too blatant, but it would seem that by his name alone the writers are trying to tell us something about Jacob.

This is my theory, and I would like critical thoughts or feedback about it if anyone wishes to post some. I’m just waiting for Feb. 2 like the rest of you to see what actually ends up happening. Peace.

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