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Fountain of youth and Jacob theory by Mr. Proper

Hi, I wondered why is there a dry fountain in the Statue-Time and why is there a frozen donkey wheel at the bottom of it!?

So here is my theory. The fountain contained water once and Jacob and Richard drank from it. The water is connected to the energy-pocket and has the magical power to stop the aging of those, who drank from it. So Jacob made Richard drink the water of the fountian of youth. Who built the FDW and the fountain? Hell, I don´t know. But I think it´s possible, that things start existing on the island, if you wish for it. Just like Walt sees something and than it´s there. The Magic Box-metaphor!

The fountain and especially the effect it has is too dangerous for the rest of the world. So Jacob sets it dry and later on buries the FDW, so that no one could mess with it.

Now, to my second question: Who on earth is Jacob. I think, Jacob is not a man from the past. He´s connected to Dharma. Yes, but why should he? Well, remember Room 23? Jacob is mentionend in the film made by Dharma. I often wondered, why should Jacob´s name appear on the silver-screen, when there is no connection between him and Dharma!? So, in my opinion, Jacob is the next step in Chang´s timetravel experiment. He´s the substitute for the rabbits. And something goes horribly wrong. He is sent back to time - possibly in Tunesia. But it´s Tunesia in ancient times....

Well before it gets too heavily spun, I´ll stop my writing. But maybe this helped you to think about new perspectives on the show.

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