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Desmond is a lovesick man who has been rejected by Charles Widmore his entire life? No. Let's look at some of the facts about our beloved Desmond and his relationship to Charles Widmore.

The first flashback scene we ever see of Desmond is him leaving prison... for what? Its never been told to us and one can't assume its b/c he screwed up some pushups in the military.
Who is the first person he meets? Charles Widmore.
Who is in charge of the boat race that lands Desmond on the island? Widmore.
Who gives him the boat? Libby who is an insane girl living in a mental institution.
Who else has been to that hospital to visit Hurley? Abaddon.
Who does Abaddon work for? Widmore.
How does Desmond meet Penny? The monks fire him and ask him to help her.
Who was in the photo with the Monk? Hawking.
Who wrecks 815? Desmond.
Who miraculously saves everyone when the Hatch explosion would kill everyone? Desmond.
What does the hatch explosion cause? Penny to see a blip on a radar.
Who saves Charlies life to keep him alive long enough to enter the code? Desmond.
Who is the only person on the island with the musical ability to turn off the code? Charlie.
When is the first time Desmond meets Charlie? In his flashback with Charlie playing the guitar.
Who convinces Charlie to push the button? Desmond.
How? Lies of saving Claire.
What does pushing the button allow? Widmores men to find the island.
Who claims to never go back to the island even to save the lives of everyone? Desmond.
Who is Widmores and Hawkings son? Daniel.
Who is Daniels constant? Desmond.
Who convinces Desmond to find Hawking? Daniel.
What is Desmonds sons name? Charlie (not necessarily because of Mr. Pace)
Is is conceivable that Widmore could convince Desmond to do all this in return for Penny? Yes.
Is it possible that Desmond could also be Hawkings son? Yes.
Is it completely possible that our beloved Desmond will turn out to be one of the most evil characters on the show? I think so.


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