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The Coming War by Calvin Tower

So we've heard Charles Widmore tell John Locke that there is a war coming, but other than that, we have been left to theorize as to what this war might actually be.

What if the bomb that Juliet detonated does indeed allow a reset, in which the Losties are given the chance to see what their lives may have been like if Oceanic 815 landed safely in LA.

However, for whatever reason, some of the passengers realize that crashing on the island was destiny, and what did happen after 815 crashed was a series of necessary events that should never have been undone when the bomb detonated.

However, if this is true, then there would also likely be passengers who would not believe in destiny and still choose a reset over 815 crashing, giving us two sides: a reset vs. 815 crashing.

The coming war, then, would be between the passengers of 815 and other island inhabitants choosing sides (reset vs. 815 crashing).

Just a quick thought that came to mind when discussing the show with a friend, so feel free to comment with your thoughts/opinions.

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