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I believe that a reset of events during season six is simply not plausible. Removing 5 seasons of events would anger fans (so producers won't do it) and create a rushed and chaotic final season. Yet the clues and hints from the finale and from online videos lead one to believe the alternate reality scenario is imminent.

This brings me to my theory. I'm sure plenty of people have thought of this but I have not read it before. What if the reality we have viewed for the past 5 seasons is the alternate reality. Not the only reality, but the one planned and executed by Jacob. In the incident Miles theorizes that the bomb itself is the incident and it is the event that eventually will crash flight 8 15.

Several clues from the reality we have watched, point to the bomb denotation as the incident.

-Yellow nuclear protection suits from season 2
-Masks in the hatch and Kelvins warnings of a sickness. The sickness is likely radiation poisoning
-Pregnancy issues. It is known radiation can cause pregnancy issues.
These are just to name a few. There are plenty more that I can't remember. So I believe the reset scenario is what would have happened if the bomb wasn't detonated. The survivors sealed their own fate by detonating the bomb which is a similar time paradox to the one the producers illustrated earlier in the season with the compass. (Locke gave Richard compass in 1954 that Richard gave him in 2007). Same situation with our losties.
Juliet blows up bomb that crashes 8 15 which brings them to 1977 to blow up the bomb.

We have seen flashbacks and flashforwards and even time flashes. But in season 6 I think the flash portion of episodes will involve flashes to the reality where jack didn't blow up the bomb and 8 15 didn't crash. Carlton Cuse said they would be doing something a little different in season 6. This is what I think he was alluding to.

Anyways those are my thoughts on the bomb denotation and what it will bring for us in season 6. Hoped you enjoyed reading this. Bye for now.

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