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Widmore's Wild Side (PBW) by Wid-Claw

This theory may seem ludicrous but hear me out.


Lost always has twists. Ones that are never seen coming. So what can we expect from the final season?
I theorise it will contain the biggest twist in Lost history.

I believe that Charles Widmore is in fact half polar bear.


Charles is half man, half polar. When there is a full moon he transforms into a polar bear. He has hid this secret for many years.


We already know that Widmore has a history with the island, and that the island is a climate where polar bears have lived. We have also seen a painting of a polar bear in his office with the word ‘Namaste’. (http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/lostpedia/images/3/3c/3x08widmorepainting1.jpg)


I think that the creation of Polar Bear Widmore could be one of three things:

1. Charles’ father or mother was a polar bear.
2. He is this way due to an experiment. (Dharma?)
3. His family has polar bear genes, like some kind of ‘curse’.

It is possible that Mr. or Mrs. Widmore mated with a polar at some point, resulting in the birth of a baby boy. Either this was an experiment or just a peculiar fetish. We still no nothing about Charles’ parents, so it’s plausible (as we don’t know about Charles’ arrival on the island) they lived on the island and were part of the Others and Charles was born on island.

In my opinion, the most likely of these three possibilities. A scientist/group of scientists preformed an experiment in which human and polar bear genes were combined. Possibly to create a stronger man that would be a ready soldier in any coming war, or for some other reason. Possibly the work of the Dharma Initiative, but I don’t understand why Charles would let Dharma, the Others’ ‘rivals’, experiment on him.

Somewhere, way, way back in the Widmore family history, maybe Black Rock times, something happened which meant ‘WerePolarBearism’ ran in the family. So, from generation to generation, the Widmore men (which explains why Penny not having it) have a werewolf like disease that hits them post-puberty (which explains why Charlie not having it yet). It’s also plausible this ‘curse’ was put on his family, or a family member, by Jacob or MIB.

Artist Rendition

Here is an artist, the one and only Magic Box (http://forum.spoilertv.co.uk/memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=1555) , rendition:


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