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Walt's Significance in Season 6 by Kyle

First off, the setup:

It's been obvious to all of us that Walt is somehow special. And he's essentially been missing from the show since season 1. Yet, for some reason, almost every single time we see him thereafter, they reveal yet another "power" that he has. If they intended to just leave him out of the story like Libby and not expound further, I don't think they would make a point of showing more powers every time he shows up. I also can't imagine them just simply throwing in this kid and saying "Oh look, he has powers. Cool.". I think there has to be more to it.

Secondly, Walt has always had a special relationship with Locke. Locke has been a strong influence on him and, as shown in the season 3 finale, Walt also has a strong influence on him.

Now for the prediction:

Right now, Locke is obviously being controlled by the man in black or whatever you want to call him. But, thus far, they both don't seem to have the ability to actually do anything of their own accord. They both perform a lot of their actions through influencing other.

So I'm thinking Walt is going to be crucial in all of this. Since Jacob is dead, my guess is that Walt is going to be "the next Jacob". It could be that Walt simply takes Jacob's place entirely, or it could be that Jacob takes over Walt in a similar manner to what took place in the whole MIB/Locke scenario. Anyhow, Walt will ultimately win, therefore restoring Locke to his old self and defeating the Man in Black.

There's also another theory behind all of this that is somewhat helpful. That being that Walt is Matthew Abaddon, but that would take a few more paragraphs of explanation! Suffice it to say that Walt guided the actions of others just as Abaddon claimed was his purpose. That also just so happens to be what Jacob is capable of, which would make him the ideal candidate for replacing Jacob.

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