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Sawyer is Radzinsky by Ralph

This is a Theory I had wrote down a couple a months ago and just didn't get around to posting it...due to spoilers,I'm sure this is dead...but....enjoy the read...I'm posting it anyway...why...cause you never know what direction LOST will go in....


Sawyer takes on the Radzinsky name9Jumper?) and volunteers to man the Hatch(SWAN) when it is built(NO MATTER WHAT...SWAN WILL BE BUILT...IF NOT,WE WOULD NOT BE IN SEASON 6).Why volunteer?Loss of Juliet...Sawyer has nothing again.

He ends up so crazed and depressed..He "offs" himself like his Father(Thanks! DHARMA rum for the memories!).

Rad knew where things were(He even states this to Jin).

Sawyer has never been tothe FLAME or PEARL(Just heard of them).

...and that explains mistakes.....


Maybe Rad spoke Latin...maybe Not(though he was smart).

Sawyer is SMART.He reads a lot of books...Hard ones,simple ones...despite being a 9th grade drop out....Sawyer knows his stuff and can hang with the best of them(except Ben...He served Sawyer's ass on OFF MICE AND MEN).

Juliet could have taught Sawyer Latin in all those late night bedroom conversations over three years,being together....She was an Other and all Others know Latin.

And to me....despite his attitude...Sawyer is a Man who is always wanting to learn NEW things and more...SAWYER MAKES HIS OWN MUSIC AND FOLLOWS HIS OWN TUNE.....Plus...Sawyer is a CON MAN never the less and it is his second nature to learn New things to save his ass.

Just a fun theory folks.....maybe it will pan out...maybe not...enjoy!

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