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MIB dosen't exist anymore by Misa

my english ist not good enough but i want to share a theory with you guys.
have you ever thought that how is it that we havent seen MIB and and black smoke together? but we know they are related together.
maybe MIB dosent exist any more!

when ben kills jacob MIB or fake locke tries to burn jacob.
i was thinking there must be something important about that kind of action.

and there must be e reason and maybe jacob had done something like that to MIB before.
pay attention to his face(fake locke) while jacob is burning. its like he was a kind of revenge or something.
and it made MIB turn to Black smoke that we all know.
i mean maybe jacob had killed him and he dosent have a body any more and that's why he uses dead bodies to peform his plan(killing jaocb)
uses yemi, ben's mother, christian and the other people that were dead.
if this teory is true finally we know where the hell black smoke has came from and how it is related to MIB.
MIB dosen't exist anymore

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