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I'm watching Jughead right now... this is very obviously a Charles Widmore centric episode... we see at least two different time periods from his life.

I think we're also seeing a third.

Contrary to all the jokes that have been made about this in passing, I'm seriously starting to think Charles Widmore actually is going to turn out to be little Charlie. Not only that, but I finally have a convincing (to me) explanation for Adam & Eve--Desmond and Penny--which explains the "40 to 50 years" it takes "for clothing to degrade like this." Think about this...

Hawking says the Island still isn't done with Desmond, so we know Desmond is going to wind up going back to the Island... and when he does, assuming he chooses to, there is no way he's leaving Penny or their child behind... so they will come with him. His purpose for going back to the Island (which he probably won't ever find out, but we will) is to put Charles on the Island, as we know Charles grows up (whether he's Charlie or not) to become a leader of the Others. This means when they get back to the Island, they'll flash back to an earlier time, probably raising him for a while and just living there (a la Rose & Bernard)... until at some point, as seems to be some kind of rite of initiation for Others leaders, Widmore will kill his dad (parents?)... perhaps with gas (as there was no discernable cause of death on the Adam & Eve skeletons)... and they will be put to rest in the caves, along with the two white and black stones which were on sitting on their coffee table in "! Flashes Before Your Eyes."

The more I think about it, the more I think this really does tie a lot of things together... it answers like 5 "mysteries" with one explanation. It answers why "the Island isn't done" with Desmond, the Adam and Eve identities, the stones, how they're "40 to 50" years old, Widmore's initiation as the leader of the Others, and the significance of Des & Penny's child.

Also... this does nothing for my theory, but it is an interesting side note: notice how similar little Charlie's hair is to Widmore's in the Ben flashback. It's not evidence for anything... but it would be one of those extra little things that jump out at you on a rewatch.

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