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Think about it. Who were the people we have heard with instructions for the O6 to come back? First we heard Richard say it, but it turns out he was getting his instructions from... the Man in Black (UnLocke, Flocke, etc.)

Who was the next person? Widmore. And Widmore said in the same scene that "a war was coming" and that if Locke wasn't back on the island when that happened "the wrong side is going to win." Does all of this mean he is working for the Man in Black? It sure sounds like it.

We also heard Ben saying this, but this was shown to be because HE wanted to get back. What side is Ben on? As always, his own.

Finally, Eloise Hawking also wanted this to happen. She could be working for the Man in Black too, but from what we know about her now, it seems more likely she is being manipulated. All of her actions to "keep things in place" seem like she is in on it, but her emotions regarding her son and the fact that she sacrificed him just to put things in place makes me think she did it because she believes it is for a much higher purpose than just the Man in Black's revenge.

What does this all mean? I think, for one it means that the Losties in 77 are, in fact, causing the Incident with their actions. Considering it was the Man in Black who wanted them in the past, this now seems likely. It seems to mean that all of these things we have been witnessing have been set in motion by the Man in Black. He has played with time travel to ensure that events go exactly as he wants (i.e. setting up Locke as a leader, sending the O6 and Daniel back to the island and back in time to cause the Incident). And in the process he has used Jacob's own chosen people as pawns in his game (the Others, the Losties).

There are still a lot of questions of course: killing Jacob can't be the MiB's endgame. What is he really after? What is Widmore's angle? Is he being manipulated? Is Eloise? Did Jacob know all of this was going to happen? Is that why he "chose" all of the Losties? Are the Losties the "they" that Jacob said were coming?

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