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Good Touch, Bad Touch by Darin

I've read many theories here, and I want to thank everyone for keeping my wheels turning. This is my first theory posting, so please be gentle. ;)

I want to consider the light vs dark, Jacob vs MIB endgame of the series. Widmore says there's a war coming, and various theories have offered the idea that the wargames are similar to the game of backgammon.

If such a "game" exists and it would eventually end in all-out war, the so-called game is likely being played between Jacob and MIB. Consider now, that good 'ol Jacob has been touching our losties. We've seen him visit Kate, Sawyer, Locke, Sayid, Jack, Jin & Sun, and Hurley, and I believe that by touching them, he has "recruited" them...

Furthermore, Jacob keeps making lists, checking em twice, finding out who's been naughty or nice. I think these lists are composed of people he wants to touch (and therefore recruit). Most of our main characters weren't on the lists because Jacob had already done some touching. But people like Cindy, Zach, and Emma hadn't been touched before crashing on the island, so the others swoop in, kidnap the people on Jacob's list, and bring them to the temple for some touchy touchy.

Similarly, we've seen the Smoke Monster (which I theorize is an agent of MIB, if not MIB transmorphed) do some touching of its own. Rousseau's science team encounters the smoke monster and immediately get recruited by MIB.

So what's the significance of the touching? What if, by getting touched, not only are you recruited to their respective side, but you also become a vessel for either Jacob or MIB? You continue to live on, do the bidding of either Jacob or MIB, but once your life ends, either Jacob or MIB can take your form. In the case of Rousseau's team, Smokey could've killed all of them after touching them, and then assume the form of Robert in order to kill Danielle.

So now take Frank Lapeidus. Bram: "Is he a candidate?" I believe he is asking if Frank could be a vessel for Jacob.

Once you've been touched, it's over. Jacob cannot touch MIB's people, and MIB cannot touch Jacob's people. So now that brings us to the one person everyone has been scratching their heads over: Locke.

Locke was touched by Jacob, so he's obviously an agent of Jacob, right? This is true, but I'm about to borrow from a recent theory I read, which involved the frozen donkey wheel...

Season 4 finale - The orientation video of the orchid did not finish before it started rewinding, but an outtake version of the video showed that by sending Rabbit #15 into the future 100 milliseconds, they actually created a copy of Rabbit #15. Perhaps when Ben and Locke turned the wheel, a clone was actually created for each of them as well. This clone could then be touched by MIB. The Locke clone could be what we've come to call "Flocke," and is either doing his bidding, or has been killed by MIB, only to assume the form of Locke.

Regardless of whether or not this theory holds true, there is definitely a war coming. There are rules to this game of war, and a majority of this season will be spent trying to figure out which side the characters will fall on. Thanks for reading.

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