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As I continue to suggest that astral projection is the primary tool for LOST ‘s mysteries related to doppelgangers, whispers, people rising from the dead, and time constraints, here are yet more ideas related to astral projection. I know I am pasting a lot of information, but the stuff I am finding that does not seem to be referenced in blog sites - at least not a lot - is amazing to me.

From here on out are quotes and ideas from the following Sources--Val Valerian, Leading Edge Research Group; and Robert Monroe, various works on out-of-body experiences).

"Higher Self: Higher Self refers to the actual Individual, apart from any energetic connection to a body used as a vehicle to gather experiences. The energetic connection with a body is not usually distinguished in primitive cultures from the body itself, and most cultures consider that the body IS the individual, and perpetuate continual 'mind-body' paradoxes which inhibit further expansion of knowledge about this subject. Typically, knowledge about this subject can only come as a result of advanced out-of-body experiences. Most cultural usage of this term comes as a result belief systems or philosophical speculation, not actual experience in areas wherein accurate information is available. The early works of Robert Monroe [Journey's Out of the Body, Far Journey, and Ultimate Journey] are good, solid, beginning references that illustrate the environment and situation apart from Earth physical reality. ………..When the body used as a vehicle to gather experiences dies, t! he energetic connection is withdrawn, taking that part of the awareness of the individual with it, and the individual becomes conscious on a different level of reality. This process is not very well understood from a cultural point of view, and is subject to a plethora of inaccurate information based on belief and speculation, not experience transcending the local domain, the only place from which accurate information can be derived.

The 'Galaxy Game': Individuals by themselves, have always existed, and to amplify ones ability, many of them decide to play what is called a 'galaxy game', on what is commonly understood on Earth to be 'physicality', using bodies as vehicles to gather experiences, in order that they may mature, over time, and gain enough experience to function adequately at higher levels of reality. Not every Higher Self chooses to do this. Those that do, enter a galaxy game via an energetic connection from the Higher Self, and have incarnational experiences on planets, one incarnation at a time, sequentially. On Earth, this is known as 'reincarnation'. Most planets in a galaxy game host incarnations of Higher Selves that have incarnations in a sequential mode, and it is a very slow and laborious process which can take an individual Higher Self millions of years or longer, to complete. The preoccupations of sequential incarnations are group vs.group dynamics, power, control, and domination ! of other groups - this is something which characterizes most galactic civilizations, and it is a process whereby the individual Higher Self learns what the consequences of this preoccupation are, over time. Another factor in sequential incarnations is that the incarnations, in many cases, remember their previous lives, and also carry the emotional baggage from previous lives in their 'current' life incarnation. This can hinder progression for the Higher Self and is a major stumbling block during the galaxy game experience. In New Age cultural literature, there is a constant presence of the 'alien' factor, wherein they presume that they are more 'with it' than Earth humans, when in fact on an individual Higher Self level, they are more immature. They operate only in terms of 'groups', not as 'individuals', and sequential planets are boring, and places where 'everyone is One' and everyone acts the same, can't do this, not allowed to do that, etc - no expression of individuali! ty by the incarnation. It is a very boring a tedious existence! . Sequen tial incarnations and planets are addicted to technology and control and manipulation of populations to preserve cultural hierarchies and retain inherent group identities. Earth is surrounded by these kinds of civilizations, and sequential Higher Self incarnations exist on Earth, everywhere, and these are those who strive for power, control,and other immature predispositions characteristic of the sequential incarnational mode of the Higher Self.

Polarity Issues: There are also Polarity issues. Dark polarity and Light polarity orientations. Dark polarity seeks to control individuals because they can. Light polarity orientation seeks to control individuals because they maintain they know whats better for an individual than the individual does. Both polarities feed off each other. Polarities are part of the galaxy game experience. Earth exists in a dark polarity sector of this galaxy.

Higher Self Maturation: At some point, an individual Higher Self begins to discern that there is more to existence than the preoccupations which sequential Higher Selves pursue , and notices that there are locations in which many incarnations do not remember former lives - something which is a curiosity and a mystery to them. It is in these locations, like Earth, where more mature Higher Selves also have incarnations, and develop more mature goals and objectives which involve higher functions, like compassion, understanding and empathy, at the very least, and the increased development of individuality as opposed to always being a member of a 'group'. These more mature Higher Selves have incarnations simultaneously throughout the time stream on the planet, as opposed to sequentially, one at a time. A typical simultaneous mode Higher Self can have more than a thousand incarnations going at once. Incarnations are multiplexed; a side effect of this is that the incarnations have! no idea 'who' they are, and the incarnations have no memory of 'previous' lives (not necessary, since all the millions of incarnations that the Higher Self has had while in sequential mode, all around the galaxy, exist in memory inside the Higher Self). We call these 'simultaneous incarnations', and the more advanced simultaneous incarnations of a Higher Self begin to discern the truth about the nature of being and reality, while other ones pursue mating, breeding, and behavioral loops having to do with belief systems,as well as dealing with the preoccupations of the incarnations that surround them that are from sequential mode Higher Selves. Each incarnation has an incarnational path in which experiences are gathered for the Higher Self, as before, but the incarnational paths are more complex and challenging.

Leaving the 'Galaxy Game': Once a Higher Self has accumulated enough experience in a galaxy game to the satisfaction of the Higher Self, the Higher Self withdraws permanently from the galaxy game ('graduates') and pursues experiences at higher levels of reality."

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