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Season 5 Centricity Re-examined by Josh Body

This is not so much a theory, but a re-examining of episode centricity in season 5.

When "This Place is Death" aired I remember some debate over whether it was truly a Sun and Jin episode or a non-centric episode. Ultimately, it was accepted that due to the island/off island flashes focusing on Jin and Sun's point of views, it is in fact and Jin/Sun episode. Same thing happened with "Follow The Leader", although no great emphasis was made to Richard's point of view on the events happening, often the past/future flashes hinged on Richard, and in the least, he was a focal point in both storylines. I would say "Follow The Leader" is a loose Richard-centric episode.

Now let's examine episode 9 "Namaste". I would argue that due to his appearance at the beginning of the episode and his prominence in the present timeline story, this episode was in fact intended to be a loose Frank Lapidus-centric episode. Considering that by this point, Ajira 316 had crashed on the island already, the opening scene in which we see the crash from Frank's perspective could indeed considered Frank's flashback.

Additionally the more I watch episode 3 "Jughead" the more it appears to be a Daniel-centric episode just as much as it is a Desmond-centric episode, if not more. Sure, off island we are following Desmond on his journey, but in every off island scene it is Daniel's back story that is, through exposition, being fleshed out, not Desmond's.

K, don't know if this is necessary at all but if you have any thoughts, please post em. Thanks

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