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Hello one and all. Reality is a playground. So let's play:

**Sawyer and Juliet are re-united in season 6 and live happily ever after.

**Sawyer and Juliet are separated in season 6 after Juliet dies.

Which of these two possibilities will happen?


Which one will You watch happen?

The answer lies in You.

Okay, let's back up for a moment.

This 'theory' is based upon the idea of infinite worlds, or parallel realities.

WAIT - don't click away! Give me a chance to explain. You won't regret it.

Now, for those unfamiliar with the idea of parallel realities it is as follows:

Everything that can be imagined, IS.

Or, put another way, there are an infinite number of universes in which an infinite number of earths exist - upon which an infinite number of YOU experience an infinite number of possibilities, or stories.

Simply put, everything that COULD happen DOES happen.

Everything You could BE, You already ARE.

Now then, the most incredible thing about this theory is that You are able to shift Your reality to another reality simply by thinking and acting like the You that exists in another reality.

Let me put this into an example.

If you are an angry doctor in one reality, and, what you really desire is to be a happy gardener, then all you have to do it stop behaving like the angry doctor and start behaving like the happy gardener. You buy a shovel, plant seeds, and vigilantly behave and think like that version of You already does.

And, in accepting the 'other reality' as the only reality You in turn BECOME that reality.

Wake up! Don't fall asleep!

You see, You are leaving one story for another and like a caterpillar in a cocoon, you must stop dreaming of the 'caterpillar story' in order to dream the 'butterfly story'.

The happy gardener ALREADY EXISTS and all you have to do to have that reality is align Yourself with the thoughts, actions and behaviors of 'That You.'

And so, will Sawyer and Juliet re-unite in season 6, or will the happy couple be separated by an explosion and a miserable death?

The answer is YES.

You choose which one.

You see, because there are an infinite number of worlds, there are also an infinite number of variations of the television-show known as LOST. Or, put another way, every possible ending that could ever exist DOES EXIST and will happen.

Thus there are an infinite number of You watching an infinite number of Lost's.

There IS a version of You that which watch Juliet die.

There IS a version of you that will watch Juliet re-unite with Sawyer.


Which reality are you living?

Are you a person who believes in happy endings or are you a 'realist' who believes in complications and death?

Do You inhabit the world where the real John Locke remains dead, or are You living in the world where the real John Locke is resurrected and crowned king?

The answer lies in Your preference, or put another way, the ending You shall receive is based upon the story You need to hear in order to best evolve Yourself.

Is Lost about a game?

Is Lost about gods?

Is Lost about a dream?

Is Lost about good versus evil?

Is Lost about You?

Reality is a playground.

Which ending do you wish to see?

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